Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

These crocuses were blooming in my yard, robins have come back, and I went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show! Spring is definitely around the corner.
I would love to share some of my pictures but I don't have permission from any of the quilt makers. To tell you the truth I enjoyed the show but not too many of the quilts made me say WOW!. They were all inspiring and wonderful to look at but very few of them took my breath away.
I have started teaching at COA (College of the Albemarle). I am happy that I am able to teach again. My class is very small but the students are great. I am teaching a class that is my own design. I have never done that before but I hope it all goes well. The students will learn accurate piecing, half square and quarter square triangles, Y seams and machine applique all in eight weeks. Hopefully I will be posting their progress on my blog.
Remember to thread your needle every day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet worked on her tuffet
cutting and sewing all day.
Along came a spider
and sat down beside her
and scared Miss Muffet away!

I traveled all the way to Chapel Hill, NC to take this tuffet class.
I love how it turned out. It was a great class!
I still have to stain the legs but it is as cute as it could be.

I haven't been blogging like I should.
I was busy with my tuffet.
Then I helped with Make a Blanket Day for Project Linus.
This week my quilting class starts at College of the Albemarle
plus the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show starts this week!

I know Spring is coming!
There were several robins in my back yard.
My daffodils are peaking up from the ground and I spotted some crocuses in my yard.
I am looking forward to some warmer days.

Remember to thread your needle every day!