Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall is in the air!

Yesterday I watched the food network Thanksgiving live show.  Anne Burrell said that we could defrost our turkeys in our brine.  I was planning to brine my turkey and I had all of my ingredients so my turkey went into the brine yesterday..  Today I plan to buy the rest of the groceries for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I think we are going to have turkey, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, broccoli chinoise, plus a cranberry and apple crumble.  Two of my children will not be able to come so it will be me, my DH, and my son.  I hope to have plenty of leftovers.  It is the smallest turkey that I have ever made (15 lbs.).
To put me in the Fall spirit, I even raked leaves for an hour.  It put a small dent in the amount of leaves that need to be raked.  My DH likes to rake the yard while I make Thanksgiving dinner.  I think he likes to be out of the house while I am cooking.
With Thanksgiving right around the corner and black Friday quickly approaching I decided to join Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt which started last Friday..  I only have 9 blocks pieces done of the the two hundred and some that are supposed to be done by next Friday.  I know it is not a race and I am enjoying the process.
I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to thread your needle every day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

COA class is here!

I posted last month that the COA class was going to start soon.
It is finally here.  I received my contract in the mail this week.
Date:  11/3 - 12/15

Day:  Thursday

Time:  6:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m.

Place:  Building C Room 222

Cost:  $45.00 plus additional supplies

Students need to preregister by calling the continuing Education Department at 252-335-0821 ext 2250.

COA accepts MasterCard/Visa, cash or check

Thanks for your help!

Remember to thread your needle every day.


Monday, September 26, 2011


I am back from Italy and I had a great time! It was much better than my last trip. It is never good when you spend part of your trip in a hospital.
This time I learned how to order gelato. You have to ask for double cream. They fill the ice cream cone with whipped cream, then they add the gelato and then they put more whipped cream on top! It was great. I would not eat it every day but I sure enjoyed it while I was there.
I am currently getting ready for our town's ghost walk This year they are doing everything related to Nell Cropsey. I just could not say no to that. The ghost walk will be on October 7th and 8th.
Remember to thread your needle every day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

COA class is starting soon!

This is the quilt that we will be doing in the COA Quilting 101 class. It is called Autumn Splendor. It is a fun quilt to make. It uses a lot of scraps but I don't think it made a dent in my scrap bins. I do not know the dates of the class yet, but I do know it is an eight week class. It will probably be on Thursday nights. I was told that they are looking for a classroom.
Fall is my favorite time of year! My friend is coming over this afternoon to help me sandwich it. I would love to get it quilted before class.
I purchased the new Bernina "in the ditch" walking foot. I would like to try it out on this quilt. The part that I do not like about the foot is that I have to keep attaching it and removing it when I want to use my walking foot for something else. Like binding.
Remember to thread your needle every day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Empty Nest Syndrome

This summer has been flying by.
My youngest son has moved to Kansas. His girl friend was accepted into law school and he went with her. I know we are supposed to let our children spread their wings and fly away but it has been very hard for me. He started his new job today so I have been thinking of him quite a bit. To keep my mind busy I have been working on some projects. Our guild passed out some kits to make senior lap quilts. I enjoyed this project. I practiced some free motion and I also did the binding by machine. I machine stitched the binding on the back and then I machine stitched the binding to the front using a decorative stitch. I wish that I had the binding cut a little wider but beggars can not be choosers. The binding is tight so the quilt is a little wavy, but I am happy with it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello again!

It is very embarrassing to see that I have not posted a thing for about a year.
I can't give you any reason why I haven't posted. I guess it is laziness or nothing exciting (quilt wise) has happened this year.
I did help with my guilds quilt show. The show was April 1st and 2nd. That kept me pretty busy. I said that I would do the ribbons for the quilt show. The quilt show committee wanted to give ribbons to the maker of the quilt and the person who quilted the quilt. Each quilt would receive 2 ribbons. That doubled the amount of ribbons that we had to make. We ended up making 128 ribbons and 17 special ribbons. It took us about 6 months to make all of the ribbons.
I am happy to report that one of my quilts won a second place ribbon.
I am going to try and post more in the future.
Remember to thread your needle every day!