Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall is in the air!

Yesterday I watched the food network Thanksgiving live show.  Anne Burrell said that we could defrost our turkeys in our brine.  I was planning to brine my turkey and I had all of my ingredients so my turkey went into the brine yesterday..  Today I plan to buy the rest of the groceries for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I think we are going to have turkey, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, broccoli chinoise, plus a cranberry and apple crumble.  Two of my children will not be able to come so it will be me, my DH, and my son.  I hope to have plenty of leftovers.  It is the smallest turkey that I have ever made (15 lbs.).
To put me in the Fall spirit, I even raked leaves for an hour.  It put a small dent in the amount of leaves that need to be raked.  My DH likes to rake the yard while I make Thanksgiving dinner.  I think he likes to be out of the house while I am cooking.
With Thanksgiving right around the corner and black Friday quickly approaching I decided to join Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt which started last Friday..  I only have 9 blocks pieces done of the the two hundred and some that are supposed to be done by next Friday.  I know it is not a race and I am enjoying the process.
I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to thread your needle every day!

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