Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today is my anniversary

I can not believe that I have been married for 28 years. We don't have anything special planned. My DH is at work and I am trying to finish up some quilts before we leave for Michigan to visit my parents.

I love the Spring and I thought that I would take a few photos from my yard. I hate to leave North Carolina at this time because it is so beautiful and it is not very hot yet. My Dogwoods are almost in full bloom and my Lady Banks Roses will be opening very soon.

Last weekend was beautiful. My machine quilting class was canceled at A Different Touch. I think everyone preferred to be outdoors. You can't blame anyone. The weather has been beautiful. My son moved in with his girlfriend last weekend too. It least to weather cooperated with his move. When my husband I were first married, it just took a station wagon to get us from New York to New Jersey. They need a few U-haul trips. I guess they have a lot more stuff than we did.

This is one of the quilts that I am working on. My guild makes lap quilts for people in wheelchairs. It was a kit and all I had to do was put it together. I liked how my quilting turned out. I hope they do to when I give it to them. I am tempted to wait to put the binding on so I can show my students at my quilting 101 class at the community college. It is nice when you can show them how to do something.

Remember to thread your needle every day!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a lovely day and a safe trip! The quilting is wonderful!